SDRplay RSP1A & Diamond Discone

While I was taking my basic radio course I wanted something to play with so I picked up a SDRplay RSP1A and a Diamond D3000N discone. Initially I just hooked it up to my laptop, running SDR Uno, mounted the discone to a photography tripod in my kitchen and I was away. I started by configuring my software and trying to learn what each of the controls does. This is when I stumbled onto the SDRplay…


My new spot for all things amateur radio!

So I am consolidating and organizing my all of my websites to make it easier to manage as well as to make room for new interests, new projects & new adventures! I will be tweaking the look and layout of the new site as well as adding new content to my blog page as I experiment, learn and discover all about amateur radio. Stay tuned for content in the coming days as I setup my…

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