The Hunt Continues

To continue off of my last post, I am still having issues with RFI although I have not spent a ton of time really hunting for the problem. I have taken my laptop and sdrplay RSP1a with a small antenna and wandered around the house. This did not really result…

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My Gear

So it is February 26th, 2019 and I am only just diving back into anything radio related. SDRPlay RSP1A & Diamond D3000N Update So I was able to get out last year before it got cold and hang my Diamond Discone up on an old TV antenna mast at approx…

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SDRplay RSP1A & Diamond Discone

While I was taking my basic radio course I wanted something to play with so I picked up a SDRplay RSP1A and a Diamond D3000N discone. Initially I just hooked it up to my laptop, running SDR Uno, mounted the discone to a photography tripod in my kitchen and I was…

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