Gear for the Shack & Troubleshooting

Gear for the Shack & Troubleshooting

I picked up a Realistic HTX-212 from a fellow ham today. The HTX-212 will serve as my dedicated rig for accessing our local repeater network and allow me to dedicate the IC-7000 to just HF when I get that wire up.

I got it home and hooked it up and programmed in the repeater and well haven’t used it yet because I have a noise problem.

Noise, Noise, Noise! So intermittently I experience a high noise floor on 2m, anywhere from S5 to S9+. Sometimes it is steady and sometimes it surges. As you can see in the photo, tonight it was as S7. Either way it makes it difficult to operate.

I first noticed this with my Icom IC-7000 as well as my SDR and lately it seems more regular. So about a month ago I started logging the noise level at various times of day to see if I could find a pattern, however, nothing definitive so far.

I have of course started going through the house and powering down devices that are potential offenders without much luck. One thing that I have tried was to hook up an antenna to my RSP1A and my laptop and roam around the house looking to see if I can find anything; no luck so far.

I have checked all of my connections inside and outside with the exception of where the coax attaches to the discone up at 30 ft, I’ll do this when I am up there to install my mast extension and hang my other antennas. In the mean time I am tempted to take the radio and an antenna portable on battery power and move away from my house, street, town as a whole and see what the noise looks like.


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