My Gear

My Gear

So it is February 26th, 2019 and I am only just diving back into anything radio related.

SDRPlay RSP1A & Diamond D3000N Update
So I was able to get out last year before it got cold and hang my Diamond Discone up on an old TV antenna mast at approx 30′ and fed with DBRF-400 cable that I had from an old project. On HF I pickup quite a bit, mostly traffic out of California and on 2m I have received from a repeater about 48km away.

I picked up a second hand ICOM IC-7000 which will be my first home rig.

I had been researching and trying to layout an HF antenna on my lot with out being to obtrusive. So I settled on a EFHW-8010-HP antenna. And of course I am going to want something to work 2m/70cm as well so I picked up the Diamond X50NA with the hopes of hitting one of the closer repeaters. I still need to mount these when the weather gets nice again.

To pair with the IC-7000 I picked up an LDG IT-100 Tuner. I also picked up some solid copper tinned busbar which I will use as my ground point on the inside of my shack.

Left to do is the exterior grounding and bonding parts to tie everything together as well as building a weatherproof pass-through box to get my connections from outside to the inside of my shack.

I have an Icom IC-V80 as a handheld which I received from the club for passing the course. I also have a Baofeng UV-5R I picked up from a non-ham previous owner as well as a Wouxun KG-UV8D.

This will all do for now until I have that setup and running, troubleshooting done and some contacts under my belt. Then I would like to put a mobile 2m/70cm setup into my truck.

Well I think that is it for now.


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