SDRplay RSP1A & Diamond Discone

SDRplay RSP1A & Diamond Discone

While I was taking my basic radio course I wanted something to play with so I picked up a SDRplay RSP1A and a Diamond D3000N discone.

Initially I just hooked it up to my laptop, running SDR Uno, mounted the discone to a photography tripod in my kitchen and I was away. I started by configuring my software and trying to learn what each of the controls does. This is when I stumbled onto the SDRplay facebook page which is a good source of help. You should check it out!


Well I had a lot of fun scanning the bands and seeing what I could pick up even out in my somewhat remote rural location, and although my kitchen table made a nice warm base of operations, the reception of the antenna was not all that great while mounted inside my house. I needed to get the antenna up higher, like on the old tv antenna tower attached to my house, but since the temperature was a brisk -30 degrees Celcius I decided I would put the equipment away, get back to studying for my basic test and wait for a warmer day.

I spent the next while day dreaming and anxiously awaiting test day. I started to research SDR’s more in depth as well as other topics like setting up a ham shack and locating sources of RFI which is when I found a nice set of articles written by NK7Z.

RFI Site Survey – Part 1 – Using an SDR as a Site Survay Tool
RFI Site Survey – Part 2 – Interpretation

I Have RFI, Now What – Part 1 – Quantification
I Have RFI, Now What – Part 2 – House Cleaning
I Have RFI, Now What – Part 3 – Locating It

You can check out these articles as well as radio & antenna reviews and much more over on

So when the weather is suitable, and my schedule allows I will be mounting the discone, running some coax, setting up my shack grounding, and then going on the hunt for RFI in my office/shack. First thing I will want to swap out is the several runs of un-shielded Cat 5e cable running to my computers and server & networking hardware.

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