The Hunt Continues

The Hunt Continues

To continue off of my last post, I am still having issues with RFI although I have not spent a ton of time really hunting for the problem. I have taken my laptop and sdrplay RSP1a with a small antenna and wandered around the house. This did not really result in anything so far. I must continue the search.

As I can afford it, I have continued to acquire a component here and there to complete my station. This time around I picked up a watt/swr meter and some short 3 ft coax sections as well as an 18 ft section that I can use for taking my setup mobile. For the watt/swr meter I went with the Daiwa CN-901HP. It seems like a nice meter, The led back light is a little to bright for my tastes but other than that, its all good so far.

Still to do, take my radio, battery and antenna portable just outside town, see what the noise looks like and work my way back to my house to see if I can find any external sources of the RFI. Not sure if I mentioned earlier, when I first picked up the Icom IC-7000, there was nothing that was causing any issues at the time and I have not added any new “things” to my home that should cause any issue.

There are so many things to do, make sure grounding is all taken care of, investigate inside and outside my home for offending items and get back to the point where I can hear the repeater identification rather than nothing.


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